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 Here is where we'll be archiving some of our old work.
Some of which is still cool, but most of it is NOT! 
Check out the progress we've made over the years!
Dehdehbon Simulator
Dev(s): Deeb, 2Buck
Year: 2015-2016
Cringe Rating: 1/10
This is a unfinished sandbox test we were doing a few years back. Originally, Deeb was making sprites for a RPG we were gonna do (which I'd still like to get to eventually), and he made a sprite test where you ran around with these sprites. Eventually we both just started adding things to it out of boredom/curiosity and this "game" was born. It actually looks pretty solid and it makes me want to do another game like this down the line, but more polished and actually go through with finishing it. We wanted to finish this game, but it was poorly built because it wasn't meant to be a game originally, which made working on it an absolute pain, not to mention how unoptimized and unpredictable it is. Still fun to look back on though!
THIS GAME CONTAINS ASSETS THAT AREN'T OURS! The music in this game is from "Mother" on the NES, and the menu sounds are from "Animal Crossing: Population Growing!".
RPG Test "Boom Bound"
Dev(s): 2Buck
Year: 2017 (Some code reused from a 2015 project.)
Cringe Rating: 1/10
This was a RPG test I did a couple of years ago. I wanted to develop an item inventory system with support for up to four different characters that also handled character stats. Just for fun I tried to replicate the look and feel of Mother on the NES. Work on this game was actually useful later, as I ripped the guts out of this game and reused a lot of the code in Team Dehdehbon!
THIS GAME CONTAINS ASSETS THAT AREN'T OURS! All sound effects in this game are from "Mother" on the NES.
Y2 (Early Team Dehdehbon Attempt #2)
Dev(s): Deeb
Year: 2015
Cringe Rating: 2/10
This is a very early version of Team Dehdehbon, but it isn't Team Dehdehbon. It wasn't originally intended to have Dehdehbon or any of the other current characters. It was eventually molded into another early version of Team Dehdehbon, which is kind of like what we have right now (as of June 2018), but way less polished, optimized or stable. We had already scrapped the game and started over another time before this, this is attempt 2. This was scrapped and we started over AGAIN, the current Team Dehdehbon is attempt 3!
Boxman RPG
Dev(s): 2Buck, Deeb
Year: 2015
Cringe Rating: 4/10
This game was a attempt at an action RPG. As you can see, it's incredibly bad. We did learn a lot from it though, so there's that!
You can also see how far Deeb's art has come since then, look at how ugly it is!
Dehdehbon RPG
Dev(s): 2Buck
Year: 2014
Cringe Rating: 6/10
This is a old test for a RPG. It's terrible, I quit when I realized I had no clue how I was gonna handle multiple party members/enemies. Ha...... Well, I did learn a bunch from this project, I even made my first in game dev console, which is a essential tool for us these days. It allows use to write code and inject it on the fly which is great for diagnostic work and also great for coming up with stuff and testing it on the fly without waiting for compile times over and over.
THIS GAME CONTAINS ASSETS THAT AREN'T OURS! None of the sounds or music is our property.
Stickman Y
Dev(s): Deeb
Year: 2014
Cringe Rating: 9/10
Deeb's first attempt at making a game. Too bad it's incredibly glitchy and too bad it's just a MUCH lamer version of Mega Man X. But, since it was his first attempt at going all out with a project, it's an important piece of our history. I did help him along the way and even made a stage, but I wouldn't count myself as one of the devs, it was still 98% Deeb. when you consider that Deeb was just 12 at the time, it's not so bad.
Mini Man
Dev(s): 2Buck
Year: 2010, 2012-2013
Cringe Rating: 7/10
Between the both of us, this was our first attempt at making a real game. And hilariously enough, at this time (june 2018), it's the only thing we've ever finished! The game has it's own page with a download link, if you want to go there!