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Download Lastest Version: v1.3

Mini Man - Fifth Anniversary Edition
Our first game. It's really bad. I don't even know why we're putting it here. I guess it's so you can see where we started! This game's development originally started in 2010, and because of years of laziness and procrastination, it didn't get finished until June 22nd, 2013. It's now that day, five years later, and to pay homage to where it all started, here ya go!
This is a version that has been "improved" since it's original release, but it's still really terrible.
Arrow keys Left and Right: Move
Arrow up: Jump (I KNOW RIGHT? IT'S TERRIBLE!!!)
Arrow down: "Ducking", you can also press it repeatedly in the air to flap your arms to increase your hang time.
Space: Run/Swing hammer
Yep, no controllers! Because who wants those silly things? But really, if you REALLY wanna torture yourself with this game, we suggest using something like joytokey or Xpadder.
Basically, all you do in this game is run right and get to the end of each short and painfully simple level. At the end of each level, you will be rewarded based on your performance. And no, the rewards aren't that exciting. There are also some "bonus" action levels, like one where you drive a car, or one where you ride a boat. And yeah, they're not all that fun either.
If you're a fan of NES platformers, there's a SLIM chance you MIGHT enjoy this game SLIGHTLY. I really doubt it though.